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Hi, I´m Alexander Abele an Advanced Product Designer.

As a designer, I would like to use my competencies to create products, services or experiences to support the companies of tomorrow. To deliver a holistic customer solution a high fidelity in physical design including ergonomics needs to merge seamlessly any digital component. Especially today, when technology is constantly evolving and digitalization, artificial intelligence, and automation are getting essential for any kind of business segment.

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Industrial Design   |   User Experience   |   Strategic Design   |  UI Interface   |   Graphic Design   |   Medical Design   |   Service Design   |   Commercial Equipment   |   Consumer Electronics

Chroma - Advanced power-grid maintenance

The Chroma system modernizes the energy business to monitor grid infrastructures more frequently to provide an accurate diagnosis and a visualized prognosis without increasing the labor costs.

Construction Site 4.0


We identified the interior construction as the area with the best basis to create a visionary concept. Digital construction plans (BIM) will make it possible to automate the process of puttying, sanding and painting. It can not only speed up the work process but also reduces the worker’s physical strain. Construction, preparation, and rework will still be done by human hands.

Luke Stairwalker

The concept includes two support devices for elderly or disabled people who have problems with stairs. Often the specific user can walk stairs but is afraid of falling or they need better grip options. The usage of a stairlift is today the only solution. But it is expensive and they stop training which worsens their body condition.

The project is coming soon!


Mobile Sink Unit

Body hygiene is an important part of good well-being as well as the prevention of diseases. But today´s equipment is outdated and time-consuming. Due to the cost pressure and staff shortage, a regular body cleansing can´t be guaranteed. The concept fastens the workflow and provides a dignified washing experience.

The project is coming soon!


Coming soon

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